Anyone who doubted the staying power of digital assets is likely singing a different tune these days. From cryptocurrency to non-fungible tokens, to bidding on real estate in metaverses — people around the world are showing a sustained interest in new digital investment opportunities. With a market value greater than all U.S. currency in circulation, cryptocurrency alone has graduated to one of the world’s largest asset classes. In partnership with Canadian fintech firm Brane Inc., financial institutions have the power to keep their clients’ digital assets safe.

While every other asset class benefits from independent custody, the security of digital assets continues to pose a challenge to financial institutions globally, leaving investors holding large sums in digital wallets, or with cryptocurrency custodians tied to exchange markets. When exchanges crash, asset security is exposed to risk if the access to investor accounts is solely in the exchange’s hands. With Brane, the opportunity to safely store this new asset class using innovative vault technology exists without that inherent conflict of interest.

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