Part two of a five-part series on strengthening Canada’s blockchain ecosystem

They’re here and growing fast – and blockchain and decentralized finance have the potential to “change the way the world is functioning,” believes Patrick McLaughlin, founder of Brane Capital.

The expansion of blockchain knowledge is also accelerating. With support mounting for the continuing development of a robust, secure and resilient digital currency ecosystem, “growth will outstrip what we currently envision,” he says. “The value of cryptocurrency in circulation has already surpassed US dollars, and this is just the beginning.”

While he is “optimistic about the potential of blockchain and cryptocurrencies to transform the way the world exchanges value,” Mr. McLaughlin also sees an urgent need to ensure investors are protected. That’s why he founded Brane, a Canadian blockchain innovation company offering institutional-grade custody solutions to regulated financial institutions.

“Best practices and government oversight exist for a reason, and I don’t see how the industry can grow in a sustainable manner without proper custody,” he says. “Our mission is good custody, which we see as an essential catalyst for broader, sustainable adoption of blockchain technology.”

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