Part one of a five-part series on strengthening Canada’s blockchain ecosystem

Cryptocurrency news continues to arrive at a furious pace, reflecting the ongoing growth of this asset class’s appeal as well as rising trust in blockchain, crypto’s foundational technology.

“Nearly every financial institution is looking to add crypto to what they offer to clients,” says Jerome Dwight, president of Brane Capital. “However, crypto is also going through some growing pains, and investors are facing risks that we need to address.”

For Brane, a Canadian blockchain innovation company offering institutional-grade custody solutions to regulated financial institutions, the current moment represents a “transformational opportunity for Canada and the world,” says Mr. Dwight. “We’re in the midst of a digital revolution in financial services, at a stage where we need leadership and co-ordination between governments, the private sector, regulators and companies like ours.”

As a fintech company working to bring institutional standards to the emerging crypto ecosystem, Brane is “on a mission to ensure Canadians can invest in cryptocurrencies with confidence in the safety of their underlying assets,” he explains. “This takes a combination of robust technology along with specialized risk management and a purpose-built regulatory framework. After all, public trust is hard to earn and easy to lose.”

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