Trusted Custodian

Our industry-leading cold storage solution is in partnership with Computershare, a global provider of corporate trust services.

No single point of failure

Brane empowers secure digital asset transactions by supporting and enforcing industry best practices including segregation of duties, flexible workflows, and internal audit functions.

Insured for your protection

Brane is insured as a financial institution through a syndicate of recognized insurers. Our coverage ensures that both fiat and digital assets are insured against loss, theft and more.

Tried, tested, certified.

Brane is the first Canadian company in any industry certified ISO 27001, ISO 27017, and NIST CSF tier 4.

Designed for Institutions

Brane changes everything providing an easy and secure platform for institutions to manage digital assets

Qualified Custody

Comprehensive, scalable and modular custody solution

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Self-Managed Custody

Powerful institution-grade features and complete customer control

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