Complete client control

With self-managed custody, the client controls the creation and the possession of all the keys. Brane guides clients through the process and provides assistance to help ensure related institutional controls or protections.

Protect many digital assets

Our custody solution supports safekeeping for a wide variety of digital assets. From leading cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, to the rapidly growing world of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs).

Regulatory Compliance

We leverage our flexible compliance and risk control framework to meet the regulatory obligations of every customer.

Comprehensive Support

Brane Custody includes full operational support, including onboarding, cold storage setup, reporting, and compliance. As a trusted partner, we’re invested in your success.

Transaction Process

Brane provides software but manages none of the keys. Insurance and compliance are managed by the Institution

Client requests and optionally signs the transaction

Institution performs compliance checks

Institution co-signs the transaction

Powerful tools

Our sophisticated technology solution offers the tools and confidence clients need to succeed.

Brane Vault

A mission-critical application that enables institutions to manage their cryptocurrency securely and efficiently.

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Brane Storage

Institutional-grade processes and technology ensures the highest level of cold-storage security and protection.

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