Born on the blockchain

Brane partners with regulators and regulated institutions to deliver best in class qualified custody. We use the highest level of security and compliance for digital assets in each of the markets we serve.

Multi-signature technology

Brane Vault is based on a multi-signatory authority matrix, enabling strict protocols and total transparency within your organization.

Flexible Signing Methods

We support institution-grade HSMs, secure cloud-based HSM services, existing corporate SSO stacks, and portable technologies.

Key Sovereignty

Brane’s ultra-secure and fully auditable Private Key Generation Protocol creates visibility and control over key sovereignty – so you have full authority over your account. Our Recovery-Mechanism (RM) provides a customized emergency recovery plan to ensure your assets are protected in any scenario.

No single point of failure

Brane empowers secure digital asset transactions by supporting and enforcing industry best practices including segregation of duties, flexible workflows, and internal audit functions.

Seamless integration

We allow developers to integrate Brane Vault functionality into their software, creating and signing transactions through our API.

Designed for Institutions

Brane changes everything providing an easy and secure platform for institutions to manage digital assets

Qualified Custody

Comprehensive, tailored, and scalable custody solution

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Self-Managed Custody

Powerful institution-grade features and complete customer control

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